History / Theme

Welcome to our Gospel Tape Ministry Website. This is a free loan tape library. We collect Christian cassette tapes through various sources in U.S.A. as well as Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our coworkers also attend different Christian conferences and retreats to record messages.

All audio tapes listed in the catalog are loaned free to borrowers who request them. For those who want to keep any of the tapes, they are asked to contribute $2.50 per tape towards the cost. The tape lending policy describes the procedure and obligation in details of using this free loan tape library. Our tape catalogs would reach all Chinese Bible Study Groups and Chinese Churches in North American and are available to those individuals who request it.

Due to problems dealing with foreign customs and import taxes, our free loan tape ministry is limited to listeners in the United States. Tapes will be sent to anywhere outside the United States at US$3.50 each including postage.

The main purpose of the Gospel Tape Ministry is to help Christians spiritually in better understanding of the scripture and a basic knowledge of Christian theology. Most tapes are in Chinese language - Cantonese & Mandarin, some with English interpretation. We also hold some Taiwanese sermon tapes.

We appreciate your prayer and financial support for this audiotape ministry.